Tuesday, March 10, 2015

About My House

Let me tell you about my house. It's a three bedroom one bath house built in the 40's. The rooms are pretty nice, but with tiny closets. Meaning we are utilizing our dressers to every extent. It's especially hard for my husband and I. Our bathroom is literally the size of a closet. LOL There is just enough room for a tub/shower combo, toilet and a cabinet sink with a built in medicine cabinet. The sink makes it feel so closed in which is why we will be putting a pedestal sink back in, eventually. There is a floor to ceiling linen closet and a coat closet as well, and that's the only storage space in the house. My kids have their own rooms, but currently share a room because of our junk. It's embarrassing really. So the third room is currently the toy/junk room. There are so many toys that they all can't fit in the room they sleep in. And the worst part is that I've already donated two tubs of toys. The big tubs you'd store blankets or something in that you can get from Walmart. And I still have one tub and about four diaper boxes full, plus the toys that won't fit in boxes or tubs.
The living room is awkward at best because it's the common point between the bath/rooms and kitchen. And the kitchen is a whole story of it's own. It's a good size, sort of. The only problem is that there is only one stretch of counter and cabinet space, which includes the sink. In total, I have 8 feet of top and bottom cabinet and counter space. It's tiny. Three cabinets on top, and three on bottom. Well two and a half on top because the middle cabinet has to be short to allow for head room over the sink. Oh, and no drawers. Not yet anyway because they have to be built. See, our house is what you'd call a fixer uper lol. We had to build the kitchen cabinets.
Our house is my childhood home and it's seen some bad times. And took a beating over the years as a result. Now we're here to bring it back to it's former glory plus some. What used to be the back porch is currently under construction to become our new 10x16 ft awesome kitchen. My father is a general contractor so we will be doing everything. Most people find remodeling to be overwhelming, but I grew up around it. It's fun and you get to design and make everything the way you want it. But one downside for us is that the new kitchen is being built on free time. Making it a long work in progress. But that's alright for me. It gives us time to do everything right and time to buy the fixtures and everything at our leisure. We already have the counter top, which is garnet. Now I'm not the type of girl that has to have everything high end. My father is the one who found the piece at Lowes. Apparently it was part of a display kitchen that they were getting rid of so he was able to get it for cheap. It's a 10ft solid piece of garnet which is what helped form the dimensions of the new kitchen haha. We also have the cabinets in storage. They were a display kitchen from Lowes as well. We get just about everything from Lowes and Home Depot. And with him being a contractor, he gets special deals. Being friends with the managers also helps ;-).
So I'm not only battling with our junk, I'm also fighting tools and aesthetics for the house. I've got most of the tools down to the basement. The rest are tucked away in the junk rooms closet. The other thing in the junk room is the doors for the house. The doors we have now are fine, but they don't match and not every door has a handle. Which is okay with me because that means I don't have to worry about little hands locking themselves in rooms haha. But still, handles are really nice to have and look better too. The doors are waiting for my father to hang them. We tried our hand at hanging our closet door. It's up, but it won't shut right. So it will have to be rehung, says my dad. He gave us an A for effort but said not to hang anymore haha. And that's my house :)

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