Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Beginning

I'm starting this blog mainly for my own benefit. As a way to keep myself on tract. I've recently discovered the Minimalist lifestyle and want to give it a try. My family as a whole has a TON of stuff. And probably 95% of it is just filler. Meaning it has no actual purpose other than to fill up our closets, rooms and pretty much everywhere it can. One of the biggest issues is toys. Being a mom of two little ones comes with challenges, further complicated by relatives buying junk toys from thrift stores constantly. Don't get me wrong now. I do appreciate the fact that my family obviously loves my children, but come on. If it's broken, just don't buy it!
The next biggest issue is my stuff. Oh yeah, I have a lot. And the sad thing is that I gave a LOT to Goodwill when we moved. And I mean a lot. Like a few car loads. It's ridiculous. And most of the things that went were handme downs from family members cleaning out their closets and garages. Things that I don't need at all but I have to take because 'it's the polite thing to do', according to my grandmother. So this blog will hopefully be a valuable tool for helping me slim down our possessions. And hopefully it will be life changing. Something positive that I can pass down to my children. To live simply and focus more on life, instead of stuff. Because we all know we could use more life and less stuff!        

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