Thursday, March 12, 2015


I've been thinking of picking up yoga for the past few months. Kind of half heatedly really. But I figured simplifying my life meant more than just clearing out junk and owning less. Now I'm not the type of person you'd see at an actual class. That's just way to uncomfortable for me. So I did what any person would do, and turned to good 'ole YouTube. I wanted something for COMPLETE beginners. I've never done anything like yoga so I wanted to start from the top. I found this channel and I like her speed and style. She has a video for beginners that has the basic poses and she breaks it down for you which you can find here.
I just started this morning. My intention was to get up at 7am, but that didn't happen lol Apparently I hit the snooze button to many times and ended up waking up at 7:40am. My kids normally wake up around 9 so I didn't have as long as I was wanting, but I got up and did it anyway. I'm not going to lie, I was tempted to just go back to sleep and try again tomorrow lol
I have a bad habit of that which is why I'm hoping this blog will help keep me on track. Being a stay at home mom is both easy and hard. It's easy in the since that I can do things at my own leisure, but that's where the hard part starts. It's tough to find motivation to wash dishes, again, Or to do laundry, vacuum, pick up toys ect. over and over. Imagine being at your job 24/7, 365. No weekends or holidays. It eventually drags you down into a rut. I need a change in attitude, and I'm hoping yoga will help me with that. Plus, my son Mr. D seemed to enjoy watching the video as I was doing it. He decided to wake up early today lol He kept asking what I was doing and laughing at some of the moves. Perhaps I can get him to do it with me in the future. That would be really cool. I don't have a mat or anything, just my floor. I'm wanting to do some yoga every morning for at least a week to see if it's for me before I buy anything. She also has a 30 day yoga challenge that I'm wanting to try. But being new, I want to take my time and really get the basics down for going any further. Lets see if I can keep it up!

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